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Location and Facts


Known as the "Southern Gateway", Johor is the southernmost state in Peninsular Malaysia being south of Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang and north of Singapore from which it is separated by the Straits of Johor. Johor is the second largest state (19,984 sq km) and also one of the most developed state in Peninsular Malaysia.



As of 2006, the estimated population of Johor is 3.17 million people.



The state of Johor is divided into 10 districts.

District Name Area Population
Johor Bahru 1027.9 km2 1,278,000
Pontian 916.9 km2 143,729
Kota Tinggi 3480.9 km2 192,220
Kluang 2840.7 km2 254,631
Segamat 2844.5 km2 178,620
Muar 1353.5 km2 328,368
Batu Pahat 21869.7 km2 335,368
Mersing 2836.0 km2 67,557
Kulaijaya 750.9 km2 -
Ledang 967.6 km2 -